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Front end web developer by day, hobbyist creator by night. I like to make videos, podcasts, blog posts and photography to express my excitement for the things that drive me. Here, you'll be able to find some of the work I'm most proud of.

Web Projects

Rose Creative Group

Fellow agency Rose Creative Group called on us at ExpandTheRoom to give their website new life. Using WordPress, we were able to engineer a solution that feels playful and acts as a showcase for RCG's work.

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Remedy Health Media - Health Central

I was involved in creating a brand-new component library built with ReactJS. The developers at Remedy Health Media are able to roll out new components to each of their brands with ease.

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Nature Research Partnerships

Nature Research group needed a new WordPress site to better present their offerings. At ExpandTheRoom, we constructed their new "Build Your Solution" tool, as well as a handy way to bookmark Products using VueJS.

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Visiting Nurse Service of NY

With my colleagues at ExpandTheRoom, I had the honor of constructing the Visiting Nurse Service of NY's new WordPress site. It plays the role of both an informational tool as well as a way for the organization to keep things moving internally.

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Vimeo Staffpicks Player

Using ReactJS, I constructed this playlist tool using Vimeo's API in my spare time. It displays videos from "The Pegbar and Grill" Vimeo channel, and will fetch more when necessary.

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Favorite Tools


This is my go-to content management system solution for projects both large and small. Not only is it popular among editors, but it also helps me keep a brisk timeline while also delivering a versatile end result. I even use it for my personal work, like this website!


Who doesn't love a little syntactical sugar every now and then? Using SASS helps me keep my work neatly documented. This way, the next developer can make themselves right at home.


VueJS is one of my favorite ways to bring a user experience to the next level. It's perfect for additional functionality of all sizes, and can be added to any project very quickly.

Extra Curricular


As one of the first websites I ever created, nerdpundit holds a special place in my heart. There, I elaborate my exposure to pop culture - usually gaming or comics. The goal is to get readers talking and sharing their thoughts.

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Dinosaur Machines

I co-host a podcast alongside with two of my best friends. Every other week, we discuss a game in a book club-style discussion. Each episode ends with a trivia contest where we test each other's gaming knowledge.

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Hit Buttons!

This is a YouTube channel where I take my audience along with me on an assortment of different gaming adventures. I do this to celebrate my love of video games, as well as practice things like improv and video editing.

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